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E.g., 2019-03-23
E.g., 2019-03-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ITSW08 18th December 2001 Features of IST for KDV starting from the t-axis
ITSW08 18th December 2001 D Crowdy Explicit integral solutions for the plane elastostatic semi-strip
ITSW08 18th December 2001 Y Antipov The modified Helmholtz equation on the semi-strip
ITSW08 18th December 2001 J Leon The Dirichlet problem for sine-Gordon in the light cone
ITSW08 18th December 2001 Boundary value problems in time-dependent domains
ITSW08 17th December 2001 S Kamvissis Zero dispersion limit boundary value problems
ITSW08 17th December 2001 BV problems for linear PDE's
ITSW08 17th December 2001 A naive method for solving the NLS equation on the semi-line
ITSW08 17th December 2001 Rigorous aspects of boundary value problems on the half-line
ITSW08 17th December 2001 T Fokas Differential forms, spectral theory and boundary value problems
ICBW04 14th December 2001 Discussion and Closing remarks
ICBW04 14th December 2001 M Pascual Modified mean-field models and self-organisation in spatial systems for antagonistic interactions
ICBW04 14th December 2001 S Ruan Multiple parameter bifurcations in ecological and epidemiological models
ICBW04 13th December 2001 Optimising the effectiveness of T cell activation
ICBW04 13th December 2001 Presentation on funding opportunities
ITS 13th December 2001 Wronskian addition theorem for sine functions and isospectral deformations of Darboux-Poeshl-Teller potentials
ITS 13th December 2001 SP Tsarev The Monge problem: does it really help to park your car?
ICB 13th December 2001 Meeting with ICB Organisers and the Wellcome Trust
ICBW04 13th December 2001 Waves and sparks in the spatio-temporal dynamics of microparasitic infections
ICBW04 13th December 2001 The roles of chance and spatial structure within host evolution of HIV
ICBW04 13th December 2001 Epidemics at different spatial scales, from social behaviour to community dynamics
ICBW04 12th December 2001 Inequalitites during life and death of T cells
ICBW04 12th December 2001 Word frequency distribution under the restriction avoidance
ICBW04 12th December 2001 Genetic, dynamic and functional definition of the efficency of the anti-viral T cell response
ITS 12th December 2001 Reductions and hodograph solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy
ICBW04 12th December 2001 Extensive MHC polymorphism requires frequency-dependent selection by coevolving pathogens
ICBW04 11th December 2001 Masting of forest trees - intermittent and synchronised
ICBW04 11th December 2001 MA Lewis Territorial pattern formation through scent marking
ICBW04 11th December 2001 HCJ Godfray Age-structured models of insect natural-enemy interactions
ICBW04 11th December 2001 A Hastings The dependence of the design of marine reserve networks on dispersal behaviour
ICBW04 10th December 2001 RN Antia Modeling CD8 Memory
ITS 10th December 2001 Finite gap solutions of the vector nonlinear Schroedinger equation
ICBW04 10th December 2001 S Bonhoeffer The times' tables of viral resistance
ICBW04 10th December 2001 Treatment strategies against immuno-suppressive diseases
ICBW04 10th December 2001 Appropriate macroscopic behaviour of the immune system, from distributed microscopic feedback
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Closing remarks
ICBW03 8th December 2001 F Saffre ``Anelosimus artificius" a virtual social spider to swarm the World- Wide-Web?
ICBW03 8th December 2001 The organisation of traffic on army ant trails
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Collective optimization: the artificial ants way
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Ant colony optimization for difficult optimization problems
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Choosing a new home: how the scouts in a honey bee swarm make a unanimous decision
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Clean bees: modelling hygenic behaviour in honey bees
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Colony size, polydomy, production and the division of labour in colonies of the ant Leptothorax albipennis
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Gregariousness and the division of labour in ant societies
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Small-scale vegetation patterns, individual behaviour and swarm formation in the desert locuts
ITSW07 8th December 2001 Integrability and perturbation theory
ICBW03 8th December 2001 A Sendova-Franks Random walk models of worker sorting in ant colonies
ICBW03 8th December 2001 Multilevel organisation of insect societies: the need to identify and model the organs and tissues of superorganisms
ITSW07 8th December 2001 Special solutions of Painlev\`e equations
ICBW03 8th December 2001 M Myerscough Are individual differences important in colony-wide organisation in honey bees
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