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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-06-21
E.g., 2018-06-21
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
16th April 1997 N Turok Goldstones Bosons from Higher Dimensional Gauge Theories
16th April 1997 P Goddard String, Lattices and Algebras
16th April 1997 C Montonen From Rubber Bands to Duality
16th April 1997 L Brink String loops and the unification of the Ramond and the Neveu-Schwarz models
16th April 1997 E Corrigan Duality, monopoles and Toda
16th April 1997 J Taylor S-matrix theory
10th March 1997 M Broué Complex Reflection Groups
3rd March 1997 A Sen Introduction to String Dualities
24th February 1997 D Ruelle New theoretical ideas in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics Joint Seminar with Dynamical Systems Series
17th February 1997 J Ball The calculus of variations after 300 years
25th November 1996 S Popescu What is quantum computation?
11th November 1996 E Witten Duality and three-manifolds
28th October 1996 T Davies Numerical weather prediction and climate modelling
18th October 1996 Informal meeting - Peter Ogden Hosted by Peter Goddard
4th October 1996 J Tate The arithmetic of plane cubics
4th October 1996 F Hirzebruch Working with Michael
28th August 1996 P Birsill-Hall Isaac Newton and Cambridge
10th June 1996 MF Atiyah Duality in geomtery and physics
3rd June 1996 J Goddard Material instabilities in complex fluids: what our constitutive equations may be trying to say
27th May 1996 R Brady Murphy's Law, the fitness of evolving species and the limits of software reliability
20th May 1996 A Wiles Elliptic curves and modular forms
15th May 1996 A Wiles MORDELL LECTURE: Elliptic curves and Fermat's last theorem
6th May 1996 J Coates Cyclotomic fields and Fermat's last theorem
11th March 1996 S Howison The rewards of risk: opportunities for mathematics in finance
4th March 1996 F Kirwan Does geometric quantisation commute with symplectic reduction?
26th February 1996 J Eells Harmonic and geodesic spaces - for non-specialists
12th February 1996 P Swinnerton-Dyer Rational solutions of diophantine equations
5th February 1996 G Simmons Share and share alike; the mathematics of distributed capability
29th January 1996 A Pearson Challenges in the dynamics of complex fluids
22nd January 1996 S Donaldson Symplectic geometry and four-dimensional geometry
22nd November 1993 D Mumford What does the Brain have to compute in order to see?
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