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E.g., 2018-11-14
E.g., 2018-11-14
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW65 30th October 2018 John Gregg Magnonic Opportunities for Novel Computing Hardware and Software Architectures
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Caswell Barry What can AI Contribute to Neuroscience?
HHH 30th October 2018 Hiro Tanaka The stack "Broken" and associative algebras
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Ross King DNA Supremacy - The Potential of DNA-based Computation
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Jossy Sayir Shannon on DNA: How to Approach the Limits of Molecular Data Storage
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Themis Prodromakis Harnessing the Power of the Brain with Metal-Oxide
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Stephen Furber CBE FRS Future Directions in Neuromorphic Computing
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Erol Gelenbe Future Challenges in Computation - Energy and Performance
TGMW65 30th October 2018 GCHQ Speaker Why New Computational Approaches are Needed?
TGMW65 30th October 2018 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
SRQ 29th October 2018 Milton Jara Non-equilibrium fluctuations of interacting particle systems, lecture 1
SRQW02 26th October 2018 John Imbrie Feshbach-Schur RG for the Anderson Model
SRQW02 26th October 2018 Margherita Disertori Supersymmetry and Ward identities: an alternative approach to renormalization.
SRQW02 26th October 2018 Yvain Bruned Renormalisation in Regularity Structures: Part 2
SRQW02 26th October 2018 Fabien Vignes-Tourneret Constructive Tensor Field Theory through an example
SRQW02 26th October 2018 Thierry Bodineau Spectral gap for Glauber dynamics of hierarchical spin models
HHH 25th October 2018 Oscar Randal-Williams On the Cayley--Hamilton Theorem
HHH 25th October 2018 Fabian Hebestreit Homotopy Cobordism Categories
HHH 25th October 2018 Paul Goerss What does it mean to be continuous?
HHH 25th October 2018 Clemens Berger Dold-Kan correspondences and involutive factorisation systems
SRQW02 25th October 2018 Bertrand Duplantier CLE Nesting and Liouville Quantum Gravity
SRQW02 25th October 2018 Martina Hofmanova A PDE construction of the Euclidean $\Phi^4_3$ quantum field theory
SRQW02 25th October 2018 Franco Flandoli A scaling limit from Euler to Navier-Stokes equations with random perturbation
SRQW02 25th October 2018 Jeremie Unterberger The scaling limit of the KPZ equation in space dimension 3 and higher
SRQW02 25th October 2018 Ajay Chandra Renormalisation in Regularity Structures: Part I
SRQW02 24th October 2018 Martin Hairer The RG landscape in 1+1 dimensions
SRQW02 24th October 2018 Kasia Rejzner Renormalized quantum BV operator and observables in gauge theories and gravity
SRQW02 24th October 2018 Stefan Hollands Perturbative QFT in D = 4
HHH 23rd October 2018 Lars Hesselholt K-theory of cusps
SRQW02 23rd October 2018 Martin Lohmann The critical behavior of $\phi^4_4$
HHH 23rd October 2018 Hans-Werner Henn The exotic part of the Picard group of K(2)-local spectra at the prime 2
SRQW02 23rd October 2018 Seiichiro Kusuoka Invariant measure and flow associated to the Phi4-quantum field model on the three-dimensional torus
SRQW02 23rd October 2018 Slava Rychkov Walking, Weakly First-Order Phase Transitions, and Complex CFTs
SRQW02 23rd October 2018 Marcello Porta Edge universality in interacting topological insulators
SRQW02 23rd October 2018 Giuseppe Da Prato BV functions in separable Hilbert spaces
SRQW02 22nd October 2018 Manfred Salmhofer Functional Integrals for Bose-Fermi Systems
SRQW02 22nd October 2018 Patricia Gonçalves Non-equilibrium fluctuations for the slow boundary symmetric exclusion
SRQW02 22nd October 2018 Abdelmalek Abdesselam Pointwise multiplication of random Schwartz distributions with Wilson's operator product expansion
SRQW02 22nd October 2018 Volker Bach Beyond the van Hove time scale
SRQW02 22nd October 2018 Giovanni Jona-Lasinio Some questions and remarks on the theory of singular stochastic PDEs
SRQ 19th October 2018 Alessandro Giuliani Lecture 6 - The interacting dimer model
HHH 18th October 2018 Vesna Stojanoska The Tate sphere and duality
HHH 18th October 2018 Sam Nariman Thurston's fragmentation and non-abelian Poincare duality
HHH 18th October 2018 Ieke Moerdijk The 10 minute shuffle
HHH 18th October 2018 Peter Haine Constructible étale sheaves and analytic sheaves
TGMW61 17th October 2018 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Poster Prize & Close
TGMW61 17th October 2018 Marta Varela Imaging to Enhance the Treatments and Understanding of Atrial Arrhythmias
TGMW61 17th October 2018 Chris Rodgers Ultra-high Field (7T) Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Cambridge
SRQ 17th October 2018 Alessandro Giuliani Lecture 5 - The interacting dimer model
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