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E.g., 2019-06-19
E.g., 2019-06-19
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Beniamin Bogosel Optimization of support structures in additive manufacturing
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Agnes Lamacz Effective Maxwell's equations in a geometry with flat split-rings and wires
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Dorin Bucur Spectral shape optimization problems with Neumann conditions on the free boundary
DNMW04 10th June 2019 Graeme Milton Optimizing the elastic response of 3-d printed materials
ASC 7th June 2019 Guergana Petrova Approximation via Deep Neural Networks
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Daniele Schiavazzi Quantifying uncertainty in cardiovascular digital twins through model reduction, Bayesian inference and propagation of model ensembles
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Benjamin Meder Systems Cardiology of Heart Failure
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Ingelin Steinsland Learning between digital twins
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Pablo Lamata The PIC experience towards the vision of the Digital Twin
FHTW01 7th June 2019 Jichao Zhao Application of Deep Learning on Reducing Uncertainty in the Atrial Structure from Contrast-enhanced MRIs
FHTW01 7th June 2019 David Christini Embracing uncertainty and variabiilty in the design of cardiac computational models
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Francisco Sahli Costabal Classifying drugs by their arrhythmogenic risk using multiscale modeling and machine learning
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Seiryo Sugiura Uncertainty in the prediction of drug-induced arrhythmogenic risk assessed by a multi-dimensional hazard map
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Samuel Wall Uncertainty Quantification in the Parameterization of Cardiac Action Potential Models Through the Singular Value Decomposition
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Richard Wilkinson Hunting for tigers: which uncertainties matter?
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Michael Goldstein The Bayes linear approach to emulation and history matching for complex computer simulators
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Brian Hong Efficient Quantification of Left Ventricular Function During the Full Cardiac Cycle Using a Characteristic Deformation Model
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Boyce Griffith In vitro and in vivo computational models of heart valve dynamics
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Andrea Manzoni Reduced order modeling for uncertainty quantification in cardiac electrophysiology
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Wolfgang Giese Characterizing parameter sensitivity and uncertainty in dyadic structure-function relationships by using a multiscale model of ventricular cardiac myocytes
FHTW01 6th June 2019 Tony O'Hagan Model uncertainty - and the consequences of ignoring it
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Simone Pezzuto Enabling high-dimensional uncertainty quantification for cardiac electrophysiology via multifidelity techniques
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Leif Rune Hellevik Applications of uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis for cardiovascular models
DNM 5th June 2019 Gregoire Allaire Topology optimization of structures: a review of manufacturing constraints
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Dirk Husmeier Statistical inference in soft-tissue mechanics and fluid dynamics with an application to prognostication of myocardial infarction and pulmonary hypertension
DNM 5th June 2019 Marta Lewicka Quantitative immersability of Riemann metrics and the infinite hierarchy of prestrained shell models
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Samuel Coveney Probabilistic Interpolation of Uncertain Local Activation Times
DNM 5th June 2019 Robert Kohn A variational perspective on wrinkling due to geometric incompatibility
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Chris Holmes Quantification of Model Uncertainty
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Wouter Huberts The role of uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in patient-tailored cardiovascular models
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Alexander Panfilov In silico–in vitro approach to study the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Andrew McCulloch Ventricular Remodeling: Population Variation in Congenital Heart Disease and Data Uncertainty in Systems Mechanobiology
FHTW01 5th June 2019 Welcome from David Abrahams (Isaac Newton Institute)
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Gary Mirams Q&A and Close
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Piet van der Graaf Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling to Translate Cardiovascular Pharmacology from Preclinical Findings to the Clinic in Drug Development
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Viatcheslav Gurev Model Order Reduction by Congruency Training in Simulations of Cardiac Mechanics
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Richard Clayton Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for Cardiac Cell Models
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Benjamin Ribba Enhanced Methods for Diagnosing Pharmacometric Models: Random Sampling from Conditional Distributions
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Clint Davies-Taylor The Living Heart Project: Development of Multi-scale Computational Heart Models with Applications in Individualised Cardiovascular Care
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Kylie Beattie Cardiac Electrophysiology Modelling for Cardiac Safety Assessment
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Alfio Quarteroni Numerical Solution Methods for the Heart and the Circulation
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Tiziano Passerini From Medical Images to Digital Twins: Technological and Translational Challenges
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Pras Pathmanathan Modelling and Simulation for Medical Devices: When Can we Trust a Computational Model?
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Anna Sher The Role of Constraints in Metabolic Flux Analysis: Applications to Mitochondria in Cardiovascular Disease
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Steven Niederer Clinical Applications of Cardiac Models
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Gary Mirams Introduction
OFBW45 4th June 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DNM 3rd June 2019 Graeme Milton Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Metamaterials: composite materials with striking properties
DNM 29th May 2019 Ivan Smalyukh Hopf and Skyrme Solitons
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