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E.g., 2019-03-23
E.g., 2019-03-23
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Eckhard Quandt Shape Memory Thin Films for Medical Applications
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Xian Chen Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme 'The Mathematics of New Matierals'
OFBW43 27th February 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DNM 26th February 2019 Kirill Cherednichenko Effective behaviour of critical-contrast PDEs: micro-resonances, frequency conversion, and time dispersive properties.
DNM 26th February 2019 Marco Morandotti Optimal design of multi-component fractured media
DNM 26th February 2019 Chris Pickard New directions for random search
ASC 25th February 2019 Michael Lacey Discrete Spherical Averages
ASCW01 22nd February 2019 Discussion
ASCW01 22nd February 2019 tba
ASCW01 22nd February 2019 Song Li Some Sparse Recovery Methods in Compressed Sensing
ASCW01 22nd February 2019 Bastian Bohn Least squares regression on sparse grids
ASCW01 22nd February 2019 Jürgen Prestin Shift-invariant Spaces of Multivariate Periodic Functions
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Discussion
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Discussion
DNM 21st February 2019 Elvira Zappale Lower semicontinuity and relaxation of nonlocal $L^\infty$ functionals.
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Markus Weimar Optimal recovery using wavelet trees
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Robert J. Kunsch Optimal Confidence for Monte Carlo Integration of Smooth Functions
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Heping Wang Monte Carlo methods for $L_q$ approximation on periodic Sobolev spaces with mixed smoothness
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Michael Gnewuch Explicit error bounds for randomized Smolyak algorithms and an application to infinite-dimensional integration
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Konstantin Ryutin Best m-term approximation of the "step-function" and related problems
ASCW01 21st February 2019 Thomas Kuehn Preasymptotic estimates for approximation of multivariate periodic Sobolev functions
DNM 20th February 2019 Dorin Bucur Optimal honeycomb structures
DNM 20th February 2019 Virginia Agostiniani Monotonicity formulas in linear and nonlinear potential theory
MES 20th February 2019 Said Hamadene Zero-sum optimal switching games motivated by energy applications
ASCW01 20th February 2019 Lutz Kaemmerer Multiple Rank-1 Lattices as Sampling Schemes for Approximation
ASCW01 20th February 2019 Martin Buhmann Recent Results on Rational Approximation and Interpolation with Completely and Multiply Monotone Radial Basis Functions
ASCW01 20th February 2019 Dũng Dinh Dimension-dependence error estimates for sampling recovery on Smolyak grids
ASCW01 20th February 2019 Holger Rauhut Recovery of functions of many variables via compressive sensing
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Discussion
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Wenrui Ye Local restriction theorem and maximal Bochner-Riesz operator for the Dunkl transforms
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Oscar Dominguez Characterizations of Besov spaces in terms of K-functionals
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Clayton Webster Polynomial approximation via compressed sensing of high-dimensional functions on lower sets
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Bin Han Directional Framelets with Low Redundancy and Directional Quasi-tight Framelets
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Wen Yuan Embedding and continuity envelopes of Besov-type spaces
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Dachun Yang Ball Average Characterizations of Function Spaces
ASCW01 19th February 2019 Winfried Sickel The Haar System and Smoothness Spaces built on Morrey Spaces
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Dicussion
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Mario Ullrich Construction of high-dimensional point sets with small dispersion
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Alexander Litvak Order statistics and Mallat--Zeitouni problem
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Jan Vybiral Approximation of Ridge Functions and Sparse Additive Models
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Yuri Malykhin On some lower bounds for Kolmogorov widths
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Aicke Hinrichs Random sections of ellipsoids and the power of random information
ASCW01 18th February 2019 Henryk Wozniakowski Exponential tractability of weighted tensor product problems
ASC 15th February 2019 Ben Adcock Lecture 3: High-Dimensional Polynomial Approximation
ASC 14th February 2019 Ben Adcock Lecture 2: Compressive Imaging
DNM 13th February 2019 Christos Likos Polymer flow and polymer topology: linear chains, rings and knots flow differently
DNM 13th February 2019 Marco Mazza Emergence of phytoplankton patchiness at small scales in mild turbulence
DNM 13th February 2019 Martin Kruzik On the passage from nonlinear to linearized viscoelasticity
ASC 13th February 2019 Erich Novak Lecture 2: Complexity results for integration.
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