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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-04-22
E.g., 2018-04-22
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
ITSW01 25th July 2001 ML Gandarias Symmetries and exact solutions of the Schwarz-Korteweg de Vries equation
ITSW01 25th July 2001 VK Melnikov On equations solvable by the inverse scattering method
ITSW01 25th July 2001 D Pasca Periodic solutions of non-autonomous second order differential inclusions systems
ITSW01 25th July 2001 D Pelinovsky Normal forms for nonlinear resonance of embedded solitons
ITSW01 25th July 2001 A Zotov Two dimensional Calogero-Moser model
ITSW01 25th July 2001 J Szmigielski Applications of inverse scattering to some finite dimensional integrable systems
MUC 25th July 2001 P Bühlmann Volatility estimation in very high dimensions
ITSW01 25th July 2001 M Sommacal Numerical simulation of the motion of an(integrable \& non-integrable) system of interacting rotators in the plane
ITSW01 25th July 2001 F Calogero Integrable and nonintegrable evolution equations possessing lots of periodic trajectories:analytical theory
ITSW01 25th July 2001 AK Pogrebkov On the two-dimensional inverse scattering for the perturbed 1-soliton potentials
ITSW01 25th July 2001 JP Zubelli Bispectrality for maxtrix differential equations
ITSW01 25th July 2001 A Degasperis Collisions between one and two dimensional solitons
ITSW01 25th July 2001 Welcome from the Director, Professor HK Moffatt
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Workshop ends
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Close out session - Consensus report
MUCW01 24th July 2001 D Heath Coherent measures of risk
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Discussion
MUCW01 24th July 2001 D Kelly-Lyth Case Study IV - Electricity consumption data and time series of credit defaults
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Discussion
MUCW01 24th July 2001 J Danielsson Case Study III - Edogeneous risk and Basle 2 proposals (Global risk regulatory environment)
MUCW01 24th July 2001 M Dempster Dynamic portfolio replication using stochastic programming
MUCW01 24th July 2001 C De Vries Optimal Portolio allocation under a probabilistic risk constraint and the incentives to financial innovation
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Discussion
MUCW01 24th July 2001 P McCloud & B Tanyi Case study II - Electricity price volatility and VaR modelling
MUCW01 24th July 2001 Discussion
MUCW01 24th July 2001 E Medova Case study 1 - Application of extreme value analysis to capital allocation
MUCW01 24th July 2001 P Embrechts Rethinking the basics of integrated risk management:thoughts on the value-at-risk and linear correlation
MUCW01 24th July 2001 R Hinkley Unknown
MUC 23rd July 2001 L Grainger Introduction to the Newton Institute and Induction
MUC 23rd July 2001 K Moffatt & D Goodman & R Smith MUC Participants Opening Meeting
12th July 2001 Staff Meeting
20th June 2001 H.K Moffatt Relaxation under topological constraints
18th June 2001 L Nirenberg Elliptic equations for composite materials
18th June 2001 Management Committee Meeting and Lunch
13th June 2001 Looking to the Future of the INI: The Graduate Perspective
14th May 2001 J Kingman Some unsolved analytic problems in random process theory
11th May 2001 I Macdonald Gonvile \& Caius lecture
4th May 2001 I Macdonald Gonvile \& Caius lecture
30th April 2001 J Palis A global view of dynamics and recent related results
23rd April 2001 V Yudovich Eleven great problems of mathematical fluid dynamics
24th March 2001 HK Moffatt Underground Posters
010W01 21st March 2001 Tea \& Depart
010W01 21st March 2001 P-M Agapow Macroevolutionary simulation and biodiversity
010W01 21st March 2001 E Bornberg-Bauer The neutral evolution of biopolymers
010W01 21st March 2001 M Anisimova Accuracy and power of the likelihood ratio test to detect adaptive molecular evolution
010W01 21st March 2001 D Husmeier Statistical methods for detecting sporadic recombination in DNA sequence alignments
010W01 21st March 2001 R Fleissner Mind the gap
010W01 21st March 2001 M Rattray Bayesian inference of phylogenetic trees using RNA evolution models
010W01 21st March 2001 D Janies Parallel processing in phylogenetics
010W01 21st March 2001 B Prum On the use of hidden markov models in the annotation of genomes
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