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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-12-13
E.g., 2017-12-13
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
ITSW03 13th September 2001 R Willox Integrable lattices from D-type algebras
ITSW03 13th September 2001 T Tokihiro Periodic box and ball systems
ICB 12th September 2001 HG Othmer Dicty Overview Tutorial
ITSW03 12th September 2001 J Sanders & JP Wang On recursion operators
ITSW03 12th September 2001 M Boiti Integrable discretization of sine- and sinh-Gordon equations: novelties and open problems
ITSW03 12th September 2001 F Pempinelli An Integrable discretization of kdV at large times
ITSW03 11th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 11th September 2001 J Hietarinta Tutorial on singularity confinements
ITSW03 11th September 2001 MD Kruskal Equivalent of the Painleve property for difference equations and study of their solvability
ITSW03 11th September 2001 R Halburd Difference equations in the complex domain
ITSW03 11th September 2001 C Viallet Complexity, singularity and integrability of maps
ITSW03 10th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 10th September 2001 V Papageorgiou Integrable lattice equations in 2D \& 3D posing initial-boundary value problems
ITSW03 10th September 2001 A Ramani Integrable Mappings with quadratic or quartic invarients
ITSW03 10th September 2001 JAG Roberts Interchanging parameters and integrals in discrete dynamical systems
ITSW03 10th September 2001 R Quispel Integrable Mapping
ITSW03 7th September 2001 M Noumi & A Veselov Discussion on birational represenations of affine Weyl groups
ITSW03 7th September 2001 P Hydon Direct construction of conservation laws for difference equations
ITSW03 7th September 2001 L Mansfield A variaional calculus for discursive systems with applications
ITSW03 7th September 2001 S Abenda On Algebraically integrable systems with deficiency
ITSW03 7th September 2001 V Kuznetsov Kowalevski top revisited
ITSW03 6th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 6th September 2001 M Nieszporski A discrete laplace ladder, the discrete Moutard equation and its adjoint. Asymptotic lattices and discrete weingarten congruences
ITSW03 6th September 2001 P Santini Analytical methods inthe study of Integrable Discrete Geometries
ITSW03 6th September 2001 W Schief Reciprocal figures, graphical statics and inversive geometry of the Schwarzian BKP hierarchy
ITSW03 6th September 2001 B Konopechenko Menelaus' theorem, Clifford configurations and inversive geometry of the discrete Schwarzian KP equation
ITSW03 5th September 2001 A Veselov Discrete hydrodynamics and Monge-Ampere equations
ITSW03 5th September 2001 A Shabat Discretization of spectral problems
ITSW03 5th September 2001 V Adler Discrete equations on planar graphs
ITSW03 4th September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 4th September 2001 A Hone Backlund transformations for a new integrable system with peakons
ITSW03 4th September 2001 P Clarkson The Painleve and discrete Painleve equations - nonlinear and discrete special functions
ITSW03 4th September 2001 M Noumi q-Painleve equations arising from a q-version of the modified KP heirarchy
ITSW03 4th September 2001 K Kajiwara On the discrete dynamical systems with $W(A^{(1)}_1A^{(1)}_2)$ symmetry
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 Discussion
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 V Sokolov Laplace transform and integrable hyperbolic equations of Liouville type
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 J Van Diejen On the zeros of the solitude Baker-Akhiezer function for the Toda chain
ITSW03 3rd September 2001 S Ruijsenaars A new class of integrable quantum lattice systems
ITS 31st August 2001 B Konopelchenko Nonlinear dynamics on the plane, dispersionless integrable hierarchies and the quasi-classical D-BAR dressing method
SWWW01 31st August 2001 M Banner Overview of the issues raised at the programme and the future outlook
SWWW01 31st August 2001 M Onorato Freak waves in random oceanic sea states
SWWW01 31st August 2001 E Pelinovsky Freak wave phenomenon: theory and simulation
SWWW01 31st August 2001 S Galiev Trans-resonant evolution of standing harmonic waves into travelling jet-soliton waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 MJ Cooker Flows associated with violent water waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 ER Johnson Interfacial waves
SWWW01 31st August 2001 P Prasad Riemann problem for kinematical conservation laws and geometrical features of nonlinear wavefronts
SWWW01 31st August 2001 S Badulin Multi-wave resonances and formation of high-amplitude waves in the ocean
SWWW01 30th August 2001 SG Sajjadi Rapid distortion theory of turbulence over Stokes waves with application to new parameterization for air-sea interactions
SWWW01 30th August 2001 S Annenkov Direct simulation of statistical properties of water wave dynamics
SWWW01 30th August 2001 FJ Ocampo-Torres On the spatial variability of wave spectrum in coastal regions
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