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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-06-20
E.g., 2018-06-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Tim Sullivan Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Andrew Stuart Large Graph Limits of Learning Algorithms
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Michael Goldstein Inverting the Pareto Boundary: Bayes linear decision support with a soft constraint
STS 10th April 2018 Heather Battey Large numbers of explanatory variables
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Hugo Maruri-Aguilar Smooth metamodels
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Claudia Schillings On the Convergence of Laplace's Approximation and Its Implications for Bayesian Computation
UNQW04 10th April 2018 Youssef Marzouk Optimal Bayesian experimental design: focused objectives and observation selection strategies
UNQW04 9th April 2018 Robert Scheichl Low-rank tensor approximation for sampling high dimensional distributions
UNQW04 9th April 2018 Richard Nickl Statistical guarantees for Bayesian uncertainty quantification in inverse problems
UNQW04 9th April 2018 Christoph Schwab Deterministic Multilevel Methods for Forward and Inverse UQ in PDEs
UNQW04 9th April 2018 Paul Constantine Subspace-based dimension reduction for forward and inverse uncertainty quantification
UNQW04 9th April 2018 Ilya Mandel Studying black holes with gravitational waves: Why GW astronomy needs you!
UNQ 5th April 2018 Andrew Stuart Rothschild Lecture: The Legacy of Rudolph Kalman
STS 5th April 2018 Tobias Kley Sequential detection of structural changes in irregularly observed data
UNQ 5th April 2018 Ines Cecilio UQ methodologies in Schlumberger's technology development for Drilling Automation
STS 3rd April 2018 Jon August Wellner Inference for the mode of a log-concave density: a likelihood ratio test and confidence intervals
STS 29th March 2018 Steffen Grunewalder Compressed Empirical Measures
STS 27th March 2018 Adam Sykulski Spatiotemporal modelling and parameter estimation of anisotropic particle trajectories
STSW02 23rd March 2018 Piotr Fryzlewicz Multiscale methods and recursion in data science
STSW02 23rd March 2018 Miguel del alamo Multiscale Bounded Variation Regularization
STSW02 23rd March 2018 Sara Anna van de Geer A concentration interval for the Lasso
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Eardi Lila Statistical Analysis of Functions on Surfaces, with an application to Medical Imaging
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Debashis Paul Spectral estimation for a class of high-dimensional linear processes
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Regina Liu Fusion and Individualized Fusion Learning from Diverse Data Sources by Confidence Distribution
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Alexander Aue Limiting spectral distributions for a class of high-dimensional time series
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Hao Chen New two-sample tests based on adjacency
STSW02 22nd March 2018 Jingjing Zou Mixed Effects Model on Functional Manifolds / Sampling Directed Networks
STSW02 21st March 2018 Johannes Schmidt-hieber Statistical theory for deep neural networks with ReLU activation function
STSW02 21st March 2018 Sofia Olhede Small and Large Scale Network Features
STSW02 21st March 2018 Rebecca Willett Graph Total Variation for Inverse Problems with Highly Correlated Designs
STSW02 20th March 2018 Fang Yao Functional regression on manifold with contamination
STSW02 20th March 2018 Ian Dryden Object Data Driven Discovery
STSW02 20th March 2018 Michelle Carey Uncertainty quantification for Geo-spatial process
STSW02 20th March 2018 Davide Pigoli Speech as object data: exploring cross-linguistic changes in Romance languages
STSW02 20th March 2018 Matthew Reimherr Manifold Data Analysis with Applications to High-Resolution 3D Imaging
STSW02 20th March 2018 Robert Nowak Learning Low-Dimensional Metrics
STSW02 19th March 2018 Rainer von Sachs Intrinsic wavelet regression for curves and surfaces of Hermitian positive definite matrices
STSW02 19th March 2018 Richard Samworth Isotonic regression in general dimensions
STSW02 19th March 2018 Bodhisattva Sen Adaptive Confidence Bands for Shape-Restricted Regression in Multi-dimension using Multiscale Tests
STSW02 19th March 2018 Jim Ramsay Dynamic Smoothing Meets Gravity
STSW02 19th March 2018 Victor Panaretos Procrustes Analysis of Covariance Operators and Optimal Transport of Gaussian Processes
UNQ 16th March 2018 Andy Wiltshire Constraining carbon emissions pathways towards Paris climate targets
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Questions and Wrap-up
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Group Leaders Feedback on Three Industry Groups
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Break-out Sessions (part 3)
STS 15th March 2018 Mihaela van der Schaar Causal Inference for Treatment Effects: A Theory and Associated Learning Algorithms
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Break-out sessions (part 2)
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Stephen Furber CBE FRS SpiNNaker - Biologically-Inspired Massively-Parallel Computing
TGMW57 15th March 2018 Robert Mullins Moore's Law and Beyond: Routes to the Next Million-Fold Improvement in Performance
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