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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-12-14
E.g., 2017-12-14
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Andrew Vidler Virtual Humans and Animation
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Evren Yarman More with Less for Seismic Imaging
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Joan Lasenby Recovering the Transformations between Sets of Objects: Applications in Robotics and Computer Vision
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Marta Betcke Time-of-flight Compton Scatter Imaging for Cargo Security
SIPW04 6th December 2017 Hung Tao Shen Issues on modeling river ice dynamics
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Tea and Coffee
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Ozan Öktem Recent Advances in Machine Learning for Image Reconstruction
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Andrew Fitzgibbon Non-Convex Optimisation Problems in Theory and Practice
OFBW33 6th December 2017 Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
SIPW04 6th December 2017 Dany Dumont Sea ice break-up in the marginal ice zone
SIPW04 6th December 2017 Steven Daly River Ice Breakup
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Hayley Shen Integrating Elastic and Viscous Properties of Ice for Ocean Wave Propagation
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Shunying Ji Breaking Pattern of Ice Cover during its Collision with Ship/Offshore Structures
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Jukka Tuhkuri Deformation and failure of sea ice cover
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Robert Gagnon The Physics of Ice Crushing Associated with Indentation and Impact
VMV 5th December 2017 Joerg Polzehl Structural adaptation - a statistical concept for image denoising
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Mao See Wu Crack nucleation in ice – a historical review and research challenges
SIPW04 5th December 2017 Kaj Riska Ice edge failure process
SIPW04 4th December 2017 Erkan Oterkus Peridynamic Modelling of Ice Fracture
SIPW04 4th December 2017 Roiy Sayag On the Formation and Evolution of Rifts in Ice Shelves
SIPW04 4th December 2017 Chris Borstad Continuum damage models for fracturing and weakening of Antarctic ice shelves
SIPW04 4th December 2017 Sze Dai Pang Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics and Its Implications on Ice
SIPW04 4th December 2017 Chris Petrich Growth process and structure of refrozen cracks in sea ice
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Questions/Discussions
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Tadashi Tokieda A World From a Sheet of Paper
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Graham Hazel Form and Shape for Lighting Virtual Worlds
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Chris Sangwin On Form and Function in Board Games
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Christopher Budd Mathematical Approaches to Toys
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Stella Panayotova Re-Constructing Illuminated Manuscripts and Paintings
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Sir Michael Berry How Quantum Physics Democratised Music: A Meditation on Physics and Technology
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Deirdre Gribbin Hearing Your Genes Evolve
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Raymond Goldstein Growth and Form: From Stalactites to Ponytails
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Siân Ede Light Echoes in Art and Science: How far do the Two Constituencies Reflect Each Other in Theory and Practice?
OFBW36 1st December 2017 Christie Marr, Andrzej Herczynski, Jane Leeks Welcome and Introduction
1st December 2017 OfB GFS
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Christophe Clanet Forms in Olympic Games
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Raymond Penner Physics of Sports
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Neil Ribe An Introduction to the Mechanics of the Lasso
GFSW04 30th November 2017 L Mahadevan Geometry and probability in perception and action
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Patrick Weidman On the terminal motion of sliding/spinning discs
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Yuli D Chashechkin Self-propelled wedge
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Pierre Degond Collective dynamics of bristlebots
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Alain Goriely Playing with magnetic chains: from self-buckling to self-assembly
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Daniel Goldman “Fun”-damental physics: robophysical models for General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics
GFSW04 30th November 2017 Keith Moffatt The beaver ball: a chaotic rolling robot
VMV 29th November 2017 Haider Ali Multi-Region Image Segmentation using Generalized Averages and One Level Set Function
GFSW04 29th November 2017 Paul Friedlander Artists' Session: Serendipity & the wave
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