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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-10-16
E.g., 2017-10-16
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Questions and Discussion
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Cecilia Bitz What Sea Ice Physics is Missing from Models?
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Questions and Discussion
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Dirk Notz What do Climate Models need Sea Ice for?
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Daniel Feltham Introduction to Sea Ice Climate Models
OFBW35 25th September 2017 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome & Introduction
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Gunnar Hornig Structure formation in magnetised plasmas
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Lisa Fauci Swimming of a simple vertebrate: Insights from computational and robotic models.
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Alain Goriely Modelling brain and skull morphogenesis
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Renzo Ricca Quantum vortex dynamics by Seifert surface information
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Darryl Holm Stochastic partial differential fluid equations as a diffusive limit of deterministic Lagrangian multi-time dynamics
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 De Witt Sumners Helicity, Reconnection and Seifert Surfaces
GFSW01 22nd September 2017 Martine Ben Amar Patterns of bacterial colonies
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Axel Voigt Defects in positional and orientational order on surfaces and their potential influence on shape
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Andreas Muench Thin film models for active liquid crystals
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Buddhapriya Chakrabarti Elasticity and fluid mechanics of lipid tethers
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Marino Arroyo Dynamical remodelling of biological interfaces
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Sunghwan (Sunny) Jung Drinking and Diving
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Davide Ambrosi Mechanics and polarity in cell motility
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Derek Moulton A story in shells
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Pierre Degond Coarse-graining of collective dynamics models
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Yves Couder Fibonacci phyllotaxis in plants and algae, a biological convergence with a physical origin
TGMW47 21st September 2017 IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application
GFSW01 21st September 2017 Laura Miller Flight of the smallest insects
GFSW01 20th September 2017 Saverio Spagnolie Deformable bodies in anisotropic fluids
GFSW01 20th September 2017 Michael Shelley Fluid and solid mechanics in active cellular processes
GFSW01 20th September 2017 Jean-Luc Thiffeault Unraveling hagfish slime
GFSW01 20th September 2017 Denis Weaire, Adil Mughal Packing problems, phyllotaxis and Fibonacci numbers
TGMW47 20th September 2017 IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application (copy)
GFSW01 20th September 2017 François Gay-Balmaz Flexible tubes conveying fluid: geometric modeling, stability, and variational integrators
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Scott Waitukaitis Coupling the Leidenfrost Effect and Elastic Deformations to Power Sustained Bouncing
SIP 19th September 2017 Luke Bennetts Wave-induced collisions of thin floating disks
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Douglas Holmes Swelling and Shaping of Soft Structures
GFSW01 19th September 2017 James Hanna The planar elastica, stress, and material stress
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Amir Gat Fluid Mechanics of Soft Robots and Actuators
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Shilpa Khatri Simulations of Pulsating Soft Corals
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Ido Regev Motility induced elongation of the vertebrate embryo
GFSW01 19th September 2017 David Hu How the elephant grabs with its trunk
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Eva Kanso Flow-mediated synchronization of swimmers and rotors at the micron scale
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Pasquale Ciarletta Turing revisited: the chemo-mechanical bases of morphogenesis in soft living matter
TGMW47 19th September 2017 IMA Conference on Inverse Problems from Theory to Application
GFSW01 19th September 2017 Neil Balmforth Indentations of plastic layers
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Simon Pearce Microtubule Rings
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Sharon Lubkin Form, flow, deformation, and transport in the embryonic lung
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Marina Ferreira The dynamics of a packed cell tissue
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Cathal Cummins The Stokes-flow parachute of the dandelion fruit
GFS 18th September 2017 Goldman D
GFSW01 18th September 2017 Shreyas Mandre The transverse arch of human foot
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