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E.g., 2018-08-20
E.g., 2018-08-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
HHHW02 17th August 2018 Thomas Nikolaus Cyclotomic spectra and Cartier modules
HHH 17th August 2018 Lifting G-stable endotrivial modules
HHHW02 17th August 2018 Kirsten Wickelgren Some results in A1-enumerative geometry
HHHW02 17th August 2018 Carolyn Yarnall Klein four-slices of HF_2
HHHW02 17th August 2018 Aravind Asok On Suslin's Hurewicz homomorphism
HHHW02 16th August 2018 Fabien Morel Etale and motivic variations on Smith's theory on action of cyclic groups
HHHW02 16th August 2018 Mona Merling Toward the equivariant stable parametrized h-cobordism theorem
HHHW02 16th August 2018 Anna Marie Bohmann Graded Tambara functors
HHHW02 16th August 2018 Tom Bachmann Motivic normed spectra and Tambara functors
HHHW02 16th August 2018 Mark Behrens C_2 equivariant homotopy groups from real motivic homotopy groups
HHHW02 15th August 2018 Teena Gerhardt Hochschild homology for Green functors
HHHW02 15th August 2018 Oliver Roendigs On very effective hermitian K-theory
HHHW02 15th August 2018 Doug Ravenel Model category structures for equivariant spectra
HHHW02 14th August 2018 Vesna Stojanoska Galois extensions in motivic homotopy theory
HHHW02 14th August 2018 Marc Hoyois Motivic infinite loop spaces and Hilbert schemes
HHHW02 14th August 2018 Magdalena Kedziorek Algebraic models for rational equivariant commutative ring spectra
HHHW02 14th August 2018 Marc Levine Quadratic Welschinger invariants
HHHW02 13th August 2018 Clark Barwick Exodromy and endodromy
HHHW02 13th August 2018 Agnes Beaudry Pic(E-Z/4) and Tools to Compute It
HHHW02 13th August 2018 Jeremiah Heller A motivic Segal conjecture
HHHW02 13th August 2018 Daniel Dugger Surfaces with involutions
HHH 10th August 2018 Markus Land On the K-theory of pullbacks
HHH 9th August 2018 Dylan Wilson Koszul to keep cool
HHH 9th August 2018 Gijs Heuts A Whitehead theorem for periodic homotopy groups?
HHH 9th August 2018 Hans-Werner Henn Unexpected and confusing Pics
HHH 9th August 2018 Agnes Beaudry Linearize this!
HHH 7th August 2018 Nicholas Kuhn A tutorial on constructions of finite complexes with specified cohomology (after Steve Mitchell and Jeff Smith)
HHH 7th August 2018 Oscar Randal-Williams Cellular E_k-algebras and homological stability
HHH 2nd August 2018 Vesna Stojanoska Dreamy Pics
HHH 2nd August 2018 Magdalena Kedziorek Galois extensions, a fairy tale
HHH 2nd August 2018 Joshua Hunt Lifting endotrivial modules
HHH 2nd August 2018 Agnes Beaudry Linearize this!
HHH 31st July 2018 Gregory Arone Tree complexes and obstructions to embeddings.
HHH 31st July 2018 Clemens Berger Derived modular envelopes and moduli spaces of bordered Riemann surfaces
MQIW05 27th July 2018 Marius Junge Relative Entropy and Fisher Information
MQIW05 27th July 2018 Ángela Capel Quantum Conditional Relative Entropy and Quasi-Factorization of the relative entropy
MQIW05 27th July 2018 Cambyse Rouzé Quantum reverse hypercontractivity: its tensorization and application to strong converses
MQIW05 27th July 2018 Sergii Strelchuk Classical and quantum features of Schur transform for information processing
MQIW05 27th July 2018 Ivan Bardet Functional inequalities and the study of the speed of decoherence of an open quantum system
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Beth Ruskai Using local additivity to find examples of superadditivity of quantum channels
HHH 26th July 2018 Tomer Schlank HHH Gong Show - Non-commutative rational spectra and marked configuration spaces
HHH 26th July 2018 Fabian Hebestreit HHH Gong Show - Algebraic cobordism categories
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Anna Jenčová Renyi relative entropies and noncommutative L_p-spaces
HHH 26th July 2018 Irina Bobkova HHH Gong Show - Small Picard groups
HHH 26th July 2018 Tobias Barthel HHH Gong Show - On beyond Chouinard
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Fumio Hiai Quantum f-divergences in von Neumann algebras
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Milan Mosonyi Dénes Petz' legacy in quantum information theory
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Felix Leditzky Dephrasure channel and superadditivity of coherent information
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Mario Berta Partially smoothed information measures
MQIW05 26th July 2018 Oliver Johnson Some entropy properties of discrete random variables
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