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E.g., 2019-08-22
E.g., 2019-08-22
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GCS 21st August 2019 Yajuan Sun Contact Hamiltonian system and its application in solving Vlasov-Poisson Fokker-Planck system
GCS 21st August 2019 Fernando Casas More on composition methods: error estimation and pseudo-symmetry
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Gennady Mishuris Comments on the approximate factorisation of matrix functions with unstable sets of partial indices
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Mikhail Lyalinov Functional-integral equations and diffraction by a truncated wedge
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Ivan Argatov Application of the Wiener–Hopf technique in contact problems
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Matthew Colbrook Solving Wiener-Hopf type problems numerically: a spectral method approach
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Alexander Galybin Application of the Wiener-Hopf approach to incorrectly posed BVP of plane elasticity
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Pavlos Livasov Two vector Wiener-Hopf equations with 2x2 kernels containing oscillatory terms
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Ian Thompson Diffraction in Mindlin plates
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Konstantin Ustinov Application of Khrapkov’s technique of 2x2 matrix factorization to solving problems related to interface cracks
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Michael Nieves Phase transition processes in flexural structured systems with rotational inertia
WHTW01 16th August 2019 Dmitry Ponomarev Spectral theory of convolution operators on finite intervals: small and large interval asymptotics
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Davide Bigoni Shear band dynamics
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Larissa Fradkin Elastic wedge diffraction, with applications to non-destructive evaluation
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Francesco Dal corso Moving boundary value problems in the dynamics of structures
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Matthew Priddin Using iteration to solve n by n matrix Wiener-Hopf equations involving exponential factors with numerical implementation
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Nikolai Gorbushin Steady-state interfacial cracks in bi-material elastic lattices
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Justin Jaworski Owl-inspired mechanisms of turbulence noise reduction
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Guido Lombardi Complex scattering and radiation problems using the Generalized Wiener-Hopf Technique
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Vito Daniele Fredholm factorization of Wiener-Hopf equations (presented by Guido Lombardi)
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Elena Luca Numerical solution of matrix Wiener–Hopf problems via a Riemann–Hilbert formulation
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Xun Huang Turbofan noise detection and control studies by the Wiener-Hopf Technique
WHTW01 15th August 2019 Malte Peter Water-wave forcing on submerged plates
GCS 14th August 2019 Ari Stern Finite element methods for Hamiltonian PDEs
GCS 14th August 2019 David Garfinkle Numerical General Relativity
WHTW01 14th August 2019 Lev Truskinovsky Supersonic kinks in active solids
WHTW01 14th August 2019 Alexander Movchan Homogenisation and a Wiener-Hopf formulation for a scattering problem around a semi-infinite elastic structured duct
WHTW01 14th August 2019 Leonid Slepyan Greater generality brings simplicity
WHTW01 14th August 2019 John Raymond Willis Transmission and reflection at an interface between metamaterial and ordinary material
WHTW01 14th August 2019 Michael Marder Analytical solutions of dynamic fracture and friction at the atomic scale
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Valery Smyshlyaev Whispering gallery waves diffraction by boundary inflection: an unsolved canonical problem
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Victor Adukov On explicit and exact solutions of the Wiener-Hopf factorization problem for some matrix functions
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Aloknath Chakrabarti Solving Wiener-Hopf Problems by the aid of Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Cristina Camara A Riemann-Hilbert approach to Einstein field equations
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Sergei Rogosin Factorisation of triangular matrix-functions of arbitrary order
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Andreas Kyprianou Wiener-Hopf Factorisations for Levy processes
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Lasha Ephremidze On Janashia-Lagvilava method of matrix spectral factorisation
WHTW01 13th August 2019 Ilya Spitkovsky Wiener-Hopf factorization: the peculiarities of the matrix almost periodic case
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Grigori Giorgadze On the partial indices of piecewise constant matrix functions
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Basant Lal Sharma Wiener-Hopf factorisation on the unit circle: some examples of discrete scattering problems
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Anastasia Kisil Generalisation of the Wiener-Hopf pole removal method and application to n by n matrix functions
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Andrey Shanin Ordered Exponential (OE) equation as an alternative to the Wiener-Hopf method
WHTW01 12th August 2019 J.M.L. Bernard Novel exact and asymptotic series with error functions, for a function involved in diffraction theory: the incomplete Bessel function
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Raphael Assier Recent advances in the quarter-plane problem using functions of two complex variables
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Eugene Shargorodsky Quantitative results on continuity of the spectral factorisation mapping
WHTW01 12th August 2019 Frank Speck Wiener-Hopf factorisation through an intermediate space and applications to diffraction theory
WHT 9th August 2019 Frank Speck From Sommerfeld diffraction problems to operator factorisation: Lecture 3
WHT 9th August 2019 Michael Nieves Understanding dynamic crack growth in structured systems with the Wiener-Hopf technique: Lecture 2
WHT 9th August 2019 Sheehan Olver Orthogonal polynomials, singular integrals, and solving Riemann–Hilbert problems: Lecture 2
WHT 9th August 2019 Guido Lombardi, J.M.L. Bernard The link between the Wiener-Hopf and the generalised Sommerfeld Malyuzhinets methods: Lecture 4
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