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Bayesian Quadrature for Multiple Related Integrals

Presented by: 
Francois-Xavier Briol Imperial College London, University of Warwick, University of Oxford
Wednesday 21st February 2018 - 11:00 to 13:00
INI Seminar Room 2
Bayesian probabilistic numerical methods are a set of tools providing posterior distributions on the output of numerical methods. The use of these methods is usually motivated by the fact that they can represent our uncertainty due to incomplete/finite information about the continuous mathematical problem being approximated. In this talk, we demonstrate that this paradigm can provide additional advantages, such as the possibility of transferring information between several numerical methods. This allows users to represent uncertainty in a more faithfully manner and, as a by-product, provide increased numerical efficiency. We propose the first such numerical method by extending the well-known Bayesian quadrature algorithm to the case where we are interested in computing the integral of several related functions. We then demonstrate its efficiency in the context of multi-fidelity models for complex engineering systems, as well as a problem of global illumination in computer graphics.

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