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Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Drug Discovery: The Challenges and Opportunities for Molecular Imaging from Single Cells, Preclinical Models and Through to Intraoperatively

Presented by: 
Richard Goodwin AstraZeneca World Headquarters
Wednesday 19th April 2017 - 14:40 to 15:15
INI Seminar Room 1
Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is impacting on multiple stages of drug discovery and supports established histopathology imaging. MSI offers the ability to simultaneously map the distribution of endogenous (metabolites, lipids and peptides) and exogenous compounds (drugs and their metabolites) directly from the surface of tissue section. This can offer new routes into understanding drug efficacy and safety. The suite of MSI technologies that will be described are also capable of allowing translation into the clinic through analysis of patient biopsies and surgically collected tissues. Presented will be an overview of MSI in a drug discovery environment, showcasing the current state of the art MSI technology platforms. We will also discuss the challenges that remain in the data and image analysis for this emerging molecular imaging modality.

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