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Turing Gateway to Mathematics

In March 2013, the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INI) launched the Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM). This initiative aims to stimulate the interchange of knowledge and ideas between academics of different disciplines and potential users of modern mathematics - in short, acting as a gateway.  Named after Alan Turing because of his exceptionally wide influence across a very broad front, the TGM is a channel for collaboration and cooperation between academia and industry.

With activities ranging from specific projects to more extensive training and research programmes, the TGM can help bridge the gap between academic mathematicians, business, government and other disciplines. As well as focusing on widening access to mathematics generally, the TGM can help shorten pathways to impacts and strengthen education and training in areas where maths skills are needed.  

The TGM aims to respond in a speedy and focused way to new ideas and approaches, but it also recognises the need for a targeted and continuous approach to the delivery of longer term knowledge exchange activities in the mathematical sciences. The thematic knowledge exchange programmes currently being developed are strategically and economically important for the UK and linked to some of the Technology Strategy Board catapults and Knowledge Transfer Networks and include Mathematics for Financial Services, Mathematics for Biology and Healthcare Systems, Mathematics for the Space Sector, Mathematics for the Environment and Energy,  and the Mathematics of Big Data.

On behalf of the INI, the TGM delivers Open for Business events which bring academic researchers in the mathematical sciences together with external organisations. The success of these events (together with follow-up activity associated with the Institute’s research programmes) is a key motivation for the TGM initiative. From a scientific perspective, the TGM facilitates the flow of existing knowledge and ideas from the mathematical sciences to potential users, whereas the INI facilitates cutting-edge research in the mathematical sciences and across a wide spectrum of disciplines where significant mathematical challenges are to be found.

TGM activity is located in the INI’s Faulkes Gatehouse. Anyone can approach the TGM for advice and support and if you would like to get involved, please contact the Manager in the first instance.

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