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The Institute has (limited) funding to assist participants who have child, or other, care needs.

INI is committed to removing barriers to participation in its Programmes. It strives to facilitate necessary child or other care support, as appropriate, on a case-by-case basis with the recommendation of Programme Organisers.

Assistance can take the form of :

To apply for funding, please complete this form and send to administrator[at][dot]uk

All requests for financial support require approval by the principal Programme Organiser.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Administrator for any advice or guidance in requesting support (administrator[at][dot]uk).

- our funding will not cover private school education for school-age children.
- applicants should not contact My Family Care directly, please fill in the "Application for childcare funding" in the first instance.


Provision of care at INI: an interview with Professor Almut Veraart
We would strongly encourage any participant considering applying for childcare (or other care) funding to view the below interview with Almut Veraart (MES programme organiser and mother of two), in which she highlights the ease of the process and some of the key details to bear in mind. 

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