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Talks elsewhere

All long-term participants in Newton Institute programmes are encouraged to give seminars at, or to make short visits to, UK institutions outside Cambridge during their stay. To support this activity, the Institute will cover the travel expenses involved for any participant who is formally invited to speak at another institution; the host institution is expected to cover any accommodation and incidental costs.

To assist organisers of seminar series at UK Universities in their search for relevant speakers, the Newton Institute maintains a register of those of its participants who are visiting from overseas for a period of at least two weeks, and who have indicated their willingness to give lectures or seminars elsewhere during their stay. This register lists their visit dates and key subject areas. To make arrangements, please email: reception[at][dot]uk

The lists of all participants in each programme may be found by visiting the relevant programme's web page.

Speaker Availability Area of Expertise Suggested Talk Titles
Gregory Arone Stockholm University

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 9–16 Aug 2018

Algebraic topology
  • A branching rule for partition complexes

  • A BU-analogue of the Whitehead conjecture

David Ayala Montana State University

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 18 Nov to 9 Dec 2018

Stratified spaces, configuration spaces, higher category theory, factorization homology, TQFT
  • Factorization homology

Anna Marie Bohmann Vanderbilt University

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 7 Sep to 20 Dec 2018

algebraic topology, equivariant stable homotopy theory
  • Graded Tambara functors

  • Topological coHochschild homology

Robert Bruner Wayne State University, Universitetet i Oslo

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 15 Oct to 7 Dec 2018

Mathematical Sciences
  • The mod 2 Adams spectral sequence for topological modular forms

Michael Ching Amherst College

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 1 Oct to 21 Dec 2018

Goodwillie calculus, operads
  • Infinity-operads and Day Convolution in Goodwillie Calculus

  • Pro-operads and Taylor towers of spectrum-valued functions

Henri Elad Altman Laboratoire de Probabilités et Modèles Aléatoires

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 3 Sep to 21 Dec 2018

Stochastic PDEs with reflexion
  • A family of SPDEs associated with Bessel processes

Juerg Froehlich ETH Zürich

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 8 Oct to 1 Nov 2018

Mathematical sciences Engineering, physical and computer sciences
  • George Theory of States of Matter

  • Hamiltonian Evolution Equations Describing Irreversible Behaviour

  • Quantum Dynamics of Systems Under Repeated Observation

Fabian Hebestreit University of Bonn, Universität Augsburg

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 16 Jul to 30 Oct 2018

Homotopy Theory
  • Algebraic cobordism categories and Grothendieck-Witt spectra

  • Multiplicative parametrised homotopy via retractive spectra

Susanne Hilger Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 3 Sep to 21 Dec 2018

Statistical Mechanics
  • Covariances in discrete gradient models with non-convex interactions

Martin Lohmann University of British Columbia

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 14 Oct to 20 Dec 2018

Statistical mechanics, functional integrals, renormalization group, applications to probability theory
  • Analysis of spin systems for self-interacting random walks and random matrices

  • Critical exponents for lattice field theories at and below the critical dimension

Sam Nariman Northwestern University

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 27 Aug to 21 Dec 2018

  • 23 Sep to 21 Dec 2018

Mathematical Sciences
  • A local to global argument on low dimensional manifolds

  • Characteristic classes in symplectic topology

  • Characteristic classes of symplectic surface bundles.

  • Dynamical and cohomological obstructions fo extending group actions

  • Homology of diffeomorphism groups made discrete

Robert Oliver Université Paris 13

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 16 Sep to 31 Oct 2018

algebraic topology and connections to finite group theory
  • Homology of loop spaces of certain categories

Birgit Richter Universität Hamburg

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 2 Oct 2018

  • Higher topological Hochschild homology of $\frac{\integer}{p^m}$ with reduced coefficients

  • Higher topologies Hochschild homology of $\frac{\integer}{p^m}$ with reduced coefficicuts

Thomas Schick Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 16 Jul to 10 Aug 2018

Topology and Geometry
  • news on L2-invariants

  • topology of positive scalar curvature

Stefan Schwede Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 4 Sep 2018

  • 10 Sep to 12 Oct 2018

  • Global equivariant homotopy theory

  • The Real-global MU

Gordon Slade University of British Columbia

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 25 Sep 2018

  • 10 Oct 2018

  • Long-range models below the upper critical dimensions workshop: High dimensional critical phenomena in random environments

  • Long-range O(n) models below the upper critical dimension

Thomas Spencer Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 17 Sep to 1 Nov 2018

Mathematics and Physics
  • Edge Reinforced Wasl as a toy model of localization

  • Randomness in Classical and Quantum dynamics

Markus Szymik NTNU

[HHH] Homotopy harnessing higher structures

  • 11 Jun to 21 Dec 2018

  • 27 Aug to 21 Dec 2018

Mathematical Sciences
  • Homotopical ideas in the theory of knots

  • Power operations in representation theory

  • Quandles, knots, and homotopical algebra

  • Symmetry groups of algebraic structures and their homology

Christian Webb Aalto University

[SRQ] Scaling limits, rough paths, quantum field theory

  • 17 Oct 2018

Mathematical sciences
  • On the statistical behaviour of the Riemann zeta function

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