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Past events

Code Title Dates Type
DCFW06 Rheology/Chain Structure Relationships in Polymers 14th May 1996 to 15th May 1996 Workshop
DCFW01 Constitutive Equations for Complex Fluids and their applications 15th April 1996 to 19th April 1996 Workshop
CCCW02 Cryptographic Protocols 10th April 1996 to 13th April 1996 Workshop
DCFW03 Open meeting on colloidal aspects of complex fluids 26th March 1996 to 28th March 1996 Workshop
DCFW04 NATO ASI - summer school on theoretical challenges in complex fluids 24th March 1996 to 4th April 1996 Workshop
CCCW01 Fast software algorithms 21st February 1996 to 23rd February 1996 Workshop
DCFW05 Unresolved Experimental Dilemmas 8th January 1996 to 12th January 1996 Workshop
CCC Computer Security, Cryptology and Coding Theory 1st January 1996 to 30th June 1996 Programme
DCF Dynamics of Complex Fluids 1st January 1996 to 30th June 1996 Programme
FID From Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems 1st July 1995 to 31st December 1995 Programme
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons